Posted by on June 9, 2009

Some of you will get the Carpenter’s reference. Speaking of that 1970’s we just watched Mama Mia the ABBA musical. The music is awesome. I remember roller skating down in my neighbor’s basement to “Dancing Queen” in 1977. I know, to much information. We actually like the movie  so much that we are going to NYC to see in on Broadway. Sort of  a Chick Flick, but I am getting in touch with my feminine, side.  We digress

Grind-09-front-webSo its Tuesday and it is raining like mad, I am tired and not going to ride today, but rather work on the Millstone Grind event. Post cards are due to be delivered Tomorrow and we will have them for the Pinnacle Challenge race this weekend down in NewPort NH. The Pinnacle is such a great course and good for climbing, something I like to do. It is also part of the EFTA NECS series, you should go, the weather is supposed to be warm this weekend. 

Millstone opens first after it rains, so if you are itching to ride, check millstone first after the rain stops.

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