Posted by on June 9, 2009

Headed out after a long day at work to Millstone. Started out at the upper parking lot and headed across the field towards Indian Trail. Cut over to Upper Mainline, up over the new rolling bridge. Much better to roll than 6inches of mud. Up over to #6 and the new bridges there. I rolled over to West side through the short section of field. Beware skunks in the tall grass, as I have had to bunny hop a couple of them before. Over the Vast bridge while trying not to scrape too much rubber of my sidewall. Then left onto Black Lagoon. One of my favorites as a downhill, but also good going up. Having flashbacks of the roots at Coyote Hill Classic as I was climbing. Onto the connector to Last Light. Another great flowing trail. Jumped off that and onto Locomotion. Locomotion is definately a trail with rythm and flow. Ran into the boys from Nothern Power out enjoying the night. Finsihed Locomotion banked left onto Capital. Came upon the bridge by the quarry. Almost pulled an Andy a! s I smashed the left pedal into a rock. Thank god it wasn’t titanium. Just kidding Andy. Stopped at the quarry for a bit, then down and through the field out. Defineatly a good loop to try. Conditions are very dry and the trails are flowing well.

Also rode the race course the other day. That is riding great. More passing zones have been created . It is arrowed with yellow and black markers and starts by the blue “gallows” out in the field. That’s all for now.


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