Posted by on June 10, 2009

My spouse just made me aware that in some middle eastern country were they drink scalding hot coffee and tea, they  have increased rates of throat cancer. Since I heard this, I have been putting an ice cube in the bottom of my cup  first and now I increased the speed with which I can drink  coffee that and not burn my self. Remember, safety first. I will save my injuries to mountain biking. 

It has not rained in over 24hrs so the trials should be very rideable. 

I want to talk about bike shorts and bike seats. I know that cycling is hard on the butt,  and that is why a good seat  and pair of bike shorts are vital. After riding for 17 years, I have found that the key is in the bike shorts, and secondary is the saddle. Most people have in it in reverse. The bike shop appeal is for the customer to look at an over stuffed saddle and squeeze it and translate that impression into comfort “big saddle big comfort, NOT!” It very well may be immediate comfort for a very short ride (to the store and back), but a large padded saddle moves a great deal under you and rubs you more on a greater surface area. So, a long ride with this saddle may eventually rub you raw. A good pair of bike shorts will allow you to slip more on large saddle and reduce rubbing. A saddle is a personal body shape thing, so expect that you may have to try many saddles before you find one that fits you. I race on a $5 ebay saddle and can’t stand the $200 carbon saddle that I tried. Most of the padding, should be in the shorts. Shorts should fit snug, so they do not move against your body, but not make you feel like a natural casing hot dog. I prefer the 8 panel shorts (8 pieces of fabric sewn together to make the short).  The are more compliant and move with you body better than a 2,4, or 6 panel short. Trust me it is worth the extra $. Eight panel shorts can run between 60 to 120 bucks and will last you years. The padding in the shorts should be absorbent and cover all the vital bits, men and women. You don’t were underwear with cycling shorts it defeats the purpose and makes bad panty lines.  If you do not like the lycra spandex look you can get a lined short with a pad that looks like a normal pair of 3/4 length shorts.  The bottom line is that every one’s cycling experience is unique and you need to find the combo of saddle and short that works best for your. Saddles can very in length, width, contact areas, shape, flex and padding. Shorts can have as many variables. Don’t accept what is uncomfortable, keep searching for a combo of saddle and short that works for you, it is out there. Lastly and well conditioned rear end will provide greater comfort. Your butt has muscles that  you need  to build up to be comfortable on  the bike, no one gets around this. At the beginning of the season your bum will be sore, but as you get more fit you will be more comfortable on the bike.

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