Elle and Beth, front desk crew at MTA Calcutta 2018

Thank you for supporting Millstone Trails through membership!  Memberships can now be purchased for the 2022-2023 mountain biking season. 

The Millstone Trails Association requires that users purchase Memberships or Day Passes for mountain biking.  If you’re a Member, you don’t need to purchase a Day Pass.  All funds are put directly toward trail maintenance and development. Use of the trails for purposes other than mountain biking (such as walking, running, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing) is free of charge.

MTA’s status as a VMBA Chapter brings you a host of membership benefits in addition to access to our trails, including discounts at other trail networks, shops, resorts and more!  For the full list of membership benefits, click here.

Be sure to select Millstone Trails Association as your home chapter (or add us on if you choose a different home chapter).

Join MTA

If you have any questions about the Membership purchasing process, please contact VMBA by selecting the Membership subject in our contact form, here. Please note that the purchase of Memberships and Day Passes is subject to our Terms & Conditions.