MTA Bridge Inventory

In the Summer of 2018, MTA was assisted by the Vermont Field Ecology and Community Engagement Internship of the University of Vermont in creating a comprehensive inventory of all of the bridges on our trails. From the field data the interns captured, we were able to compile a map of all of our bridges and a spreadsheet of their sizes and materials, which will greatly assist us in executing future repairs and upgrades.

Maintaining all of the bridges on the Millstone Trails network is a massive undertaking, and we hope that this database of information will make it easier.  And you can, too!  We have made the spreadsheet accessible to the public.  If you want to help, you can do so by verifying and updating the information on this spreadsheet.  Because of the large volume of information, it is inevitable that the first pass survey will contain a measure of errors.  In addition, things change as time goes on.  Please help us keep this information up to date by editing the spreadsheet based on the current information you find in person.  You can also send us updated photos and we will add them to our map (most of the map pins have photos linked if you click on them).

The spreadsheet can be accessed here; the map is below.