Canyonlands gets its name from the deep active and dormant quarries that flank its north. Just a few years ago, these quarries were active and dry – now they are filled with crystal clear and turquoise water. Canyonlands is a bit out of the way in comparison to the Barre Town Forest and Gnome Man’s Land, but it is worth a visit if you’d like a quieter experience without missing Millstone’s spectacular scenery.

The Canyonlands is accessed by the Grand Canyon Trail that departs form Graniteville Road near the Barclay Quarry Town Forest Parking. The Grand Canyon Trail is a long double-track that is home to a VAST trail in the winter. The Grand Canyon Trail is the primary corridor through the Canyonlands and offers easy access to the area’s scenery.

After almost a half-mile, Grand Canyon delivers you to the entrance to the Fellowship Ring. The Fellowship Ring is a long and serpentine loop, best traveled clockwise by making the first left on the trail.  It is named in honor of the Fellowship of the Wheel, Chittenden County’s mountain bike club who helped design and build it. The ring weaves through peaceful forests and over technical rocks and roots, crossing the Grand Canyon, Canyonlands, and South VAST trails several times. Just follow the singletrack.

South View and the Pirire Quarry Overlook offer exception quarry and natural scenery. All trails in the Canyonlands will take visitors to the wonders. Please exercise caution when at the overlooks. Also, please note that several old quarry roads and trails intersect the Millstone Trails in the Canyonlands. Be alert and do not follow marked quarry trails.