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1st Place - Cody Chouinard

Photo by Cody Chouinard

We have known a family whose work has created a legacy in Vermont. The Richardson family has contributed in so many ways to our community and their mark on our world is permanently noted.
Pete Richardson was one of the founding builders of the Millstone Trails. Pete loved to explore the woods surrounding Central Vermont by bicycle or any other way possible. To this day mountain bikers still challenge themselves riding the technical terrain that he carved into the land.
And now as the winter season is upon us those trails will soon lay covered until spring thaws. Then a few caring hands will clear the leaves and shorten the grass and new riders will come again, to experience what Pete has built.
In a time when the Richardson family knows great adversity we can only begin to say thank you and to pay respect to the Richardson family and in doing so carry on in the tradition taught to us by the Richardson’s in giving and supporting our community.


  1. TonyC
    November 6, 2015

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    To the man who honed my trials skills, thank you. Legend

  2. ernie larrabee
    November 7, 2015

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    I’ve never known anything but respect for the Richardsons. It started in the days I played baseball, in minor league Mr Richardson was one of my first umpires. Right up through high school I continued to see him around the diamonds…pretty much a perpetual fixture. Put it this way: if Barre had a Mt. Rushmore for its baseball history then his face would be carved in it.
    Pete and I didn’t hang around back in the day, most likely due to our few years of age difference. But he knew my late brother, Chuck. The things I remember most about Pete in high school were that he was a great, scrappy ball player-a role model for me and my buds as we stood in awe behind the chainlinked fence watching he and the other varsity guys dig hard in the dirt. And, what an uncommonly vigorous player he was in the school band. He just kicked it and was all into nailing it.
    Over the past several years I have been blessed to have become reacquainted with Pete as we have met on many occasions under the auspices of certain reliable celebrations occurring at 206. At one of these last year, I had the pleasure of meeting Lucas, as he and his dad had been riding on the trails surrounding 206. Pete was obviously proud to introduce his son to the gang. It was easy to see why.

    He was a Richardson all right.

    I cannot say for sure, but I can try to relate how my heart was wrenched when I heard of what happened to Luke. As I and so many others have prayed and willed compassion and sympathy toward the Richardson family, it may be fair to say that at the same time we are thankful for our good fortune in bearing witness to a young man who proudly lived a life of true grit…Like his dad, like his namesake.
    So sorry for your loss, Pete and Stephanie.

  3. Peg McNamara
    November 7, 2015

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    Wonderful way of honoring hard work and the spirit that went into creating this trail. May God bless the Richardson Family.

  4. Sarah Lafayette
    November 8, 2015

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    There are no words that could express my sadness for you, Pete & Stephanie. I’ve known you both for such a long time, we were neighbors when Lucas was born. I remember the two boys, my son Christian & Lucas playing in our backyard.
    Please know you are both in my thoughts, wishing you can find some sort of peace during such a tragic time.

    Much love,


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