Posted by on March 22, 2008

…but winter has returned, at least for this weekend. Yesterday evening I was gliding along on several inches of new powder snow, and with temperatures in the low 30’s today and high 20’s on Sunday, we’ll have lovely mid-winter conditions. The only difference is that there will be a couple more hours of daylight to enjoy them. The snow depth is exceptional for this time of year; there’s over 2 feet of base in most places and no bare spots. The open fields are windblown and crusty, but luckily most of Millstone’s trails are wooded and sheltered. If you are skiing up from the Center, for the best snow, head up through the pines on Lower Mainline.

Due to the exposed locations, I suggest avoiding #37 Scenic View, #42 Ten Acre Trail, and the short section of #28 Mainline that crosses the pasture above the Millstone Hill Lodge. Save those trails, and their fantastic views, for a day when the surface softens up. Need a suggestion? The conditions on Serenity Trail and Heifer Pasture are wonderful!

Millstone will remain fully open through next weekend, March 30th.

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