By purchasing a day pass or membership on this website, you agree to the following:

I, as Purchaser/User of this pass and/or membership, agree to adhere to the responsibility code(s), applicable rules and Vermont law on my use of these trails and acknowledge and accept as a matter of law that trail recreation is an inherently hazardous activity involving numerous risks.  I understand that ice, watercourses, variations in terrain, rocks, forest growth, debris and other natural and man-made obstacles and hazards, including other trail users and their equipment, exist.  I am aware that snow grooming, trail maintenance or other activities may take place at any time.  I shall, at all times, be aware and stay clear of all such equipment, obstacles and hazards.  I shall remain alert and in control at all times.  I accept full and complete responsibility for any and all injuries or property damage that I may suffer or cause to others and agree that I shall assert no claims against and shall hold the trail organization, or any of its directors, trustees, agents, employees, landowners or contractors engaged by the organization harmless on account of any injury or harm to me regardless of the cause and indemnify all of the foregoing against any injury to person (including death) and damage to property as a result of or arising out of my use of these trails.  I agree, irrespective of whether I obtained this membership pass myself or it was otherwise provided to me, that any use of this membership pass, the trails, or any MTA facilities, shall confirm absolutely my voluntary and consensual agreement to be bound by all terms hereof and as may be otherwise posted by the trail organization.  MTA is not responsible for lost or stolen passes; I agree to prominently display this pass at all times.  This pass is revocable without refund at any time for misconduct, failure to abide by the terms of this pass, intoxication or nuisance.  No motorized use of the trails shall be permitted.  I agree that any and all actions involving the enforceability or meaning hereof shall be heard solely in the Superior Court of Vermont, Washington County.  I waive my right to a trial by jury and in the event I assert a claim as a result of my use of the trails and am unsuccessful, I shall be liable and shall pay to MTA for reimbursement for all amounts expended by MTA for counsel fees, expert fees and court costs in the defense thereof.  Millstone Trails Association, Inc., PO 1120, Barre, Vermont 05641.