Posted by on June 18, 2009

Getting to know Millstone
Since moving to Central VT, Milstone is a new stash for me. Noah, Ezra and Andy from Bikex in Northfield had given me a handfull of tours and I felt like I was getting the place pretty dialed in. So I called some friends and at high noon we headed out for a ride with my leading. I was trying to recreate a ride Andy had taken us on two weeks ago, and manged to screw it up slightly. One 180 after a wrong turn, and we climbed boulder dash instead of descending it, but managed to hit Loco out to the Boiler Maker and on to the fellowship/grandcanyon. Back thru westside, to sidewinder to winding woods up, which I love on my 1 speed, to holy ghost, and then on out to the grandlookout to Rollercoaster. The bridges over the granite block pile are beatutiful. They ride really well. The Singletrack from there on out is nice as well. Still a work in progress from the looks of it, but really ripping. I can’t wait for it to burn in. Then at the bottom we went across the street for the first time. Seemed like the way to ride this new area is to stay left at the first intersection, just after dropping into the woods and hard left at the bottom of the first short DH section. Then go out, ride the loop with the short section on the VAST, and on the way back stay left for the climb back up to the road where you dropped in. Great addition to the exsisting stuff. It’s nice to have some fresh singletrack to ride. I really enjoy the more open-throttle feel and the natural terrain is classic maple glade pump track. The old town office in Websterville is looking nice. Looking forward to the grand opening of the new touring center next weekend. Summer is here

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