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As fellow addicts know, black coffee is soul food. Clean, dark, hot and pure, good black coffee is the spatula that lifts you from your slumber. Well that is the were I am at right now as I sit in front of my MAC and tap away at the key board. I have not been to Millstone since Tues, so I can only write about the way things should be.

A couple board members have been mulling over the wet spots that are in need of some attention. In particular, TNT has as long stretch in a valley that drains slowly. Yes, this is the trail were I tasted the treated decking first had last friday. I must say, the new formula of treated lumber  is much improved, a bold bouquet with a smooth finish. Back to the wet spot, we could build bridges from surrounding hemlock, similar to the one on lower Boulderdash or try to stay high and reroute the trail. I am in favor of rerouting, because its long term. The stretch to reroute is at least 100′. We going out to look at it this weekend and will give you the skinny, once we know. Don’t worry TNT will still ride like TNT, slow, twisty, and challenging. This lycra clad XC racer won’t mess it up, I promise. 

You may not know but Millstone is endorsed by Avery and Otter the legendary super pups. The are particlary fond of “Green Lagune”, were they come out after a dip covered in plant matter. To a dog this is good stuff. If you don’t want your pups gooped up, there are a ton of clean water quarrys all along the trails that they can play in, just ask Avery and Otter. Two Paws Up!

andy, avery and otter


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