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Friday, I rode TNT, Locomotion and most of the Millstone Grind race course,  just after the rain stopped. The surface was a bit greasy (bigger knobs would have been a better choice) and the roots would flick the rear wheel out from time to time and/or abruptly redirect the front wheel. Unfortunately, this  happened entering a bridge on TNT were I proceeded to put my face into the bridge to get better view of the wood grain. I then rolled off the bridge, with my bike still attached to me,  into the stream and onto  my back.  Refreshing Yes! However, remember to be careful in mixed conditions. Anyways,  I was suppressed it was as good as it was, considering we had so much rain. There were some small sections of standing water, but  as I rode the water was draining. 

Saturday, I did not ride at Millstone,  but from friends reports it was  nice. The trail was damp, it had good grip with a knobby tire, the roots/rocks were no longer slick, and there was very little mud and standing water. The  sun was out most of the day , there was a good breeze (no bugs), and when combined with the moderate temp, it was perfect riding.

Sunday,  has not happened yet, but my prediction based on the weather report is,  riding will be better than it was today. With the predicted sun, moderate temp, and a good breeze, the trails will continue to improve. Remember Millstone dries out faster than any trail around, because it is built on top of  a giant bed of granite boulders, rock, stone and gravel. Hey if I were to build a trail center, that is what I would use as a base. 

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