Hey Millstone Mountain Bike and Trail Running Fans!

This year we will not be hosting our annual Calcutta fundraising event. Due to COVID and the uncertainty involved with in person indoor events, their possibility and safety, we got creative and came up with a new way to raise money to rebuild, reshape, and clean up after the logging operations and to bring the community together safely to have fun!

We have designed a weekly race series! Join us every week, on your bike or on your feet, on a predesigned race course(follow the gnome arrows), time yourself anyway you prefer (strava, ride with GPS, a stopwatch, etc), and have fun supporting your local trails! This race series is about fundraising and fun. We want to encourage participation by all our users, regardless of rider or runner skill level. This is not your typical race series, it is open to all levels of riders, so come out and ride the course at whatever pace is comfortable to you! We won’t be giving prizes for fastest times, but feel free to compete against yourself and your friends. Stats will be posted weekly, + prizes will be awarded based on participation and other fun measures. We want you to come out to the trails, enjoy a pre-made route, discover new trails or lines, push your personal limits, support the trails, and have fun doing it!

When: 13 weeks throughout the summer season. June 6 – Sept 4th Awards on the 8th of September. Fill out the race series questionnaire each week by  8pm of the Saturday closing out the week. Example: Race anytime June 6th thru 12th for the first week of racing and report your result via the questionnaire no later than 11:59pm on Saturday the 12th. Continue to report each week.

Where: Millstone Trails. Each course starts from the town forest parking lot at 44 Brook St. in Websterville VT. Race routes will alternate throughout the season. Follow the colored arrow signs that are designated for each week, which we will announce on our Facebook and Instagram. Each course will be approx. 3-4 miles. A shorter loop will be marked for the kiddos who are not ready to ride the full course.

Why: To raise money for our trails!

Rules: Always be courteous of other users. This is not a closed course race. Always make your presence heard when passing or approaching other users. Yield when necessary. If you are looking to go super fast and uninterrupted, we encourage you to race your laps at potentially less busy times of the week or day. You will potentially be sharing parts of each course with dog walkers, runners, hikers, children, bikes, disc golfers, even occasional folks on horses.

Never ride if the trails are closed for bad weather. Rain, rain go away, ride again another day.

You must hold a Millstone membership or a day pass ride the trails, this is in addition to the race series entry fee. Membership can be purchased through VMBA and day passes are available both on our website, at Vermont Bicycle Shop, and at the local country stores in Graniteville and Websterville.

All reporting of participation and timing must be logged by no later than 11:59pm the Saturday marking the end of the week. Weeks run Sunday through Saturday, starting on June 6th. Reports are on the honor system.

Don’t anger the gnome!

Cost: $50 to participate in the series. This entitles you to 13 weeks of racing, a t-shirt specifically designed for the race series, and a weekly recap of your season of racing and standings. And prizes! There will be awards for things like racing every week, youngest racer, oldest racer, and more! Upon payment, you will be linked to our registration form. If you would like to purchase more than one entry, please let us know in the notes section who it is for, or if you are donating a ticket to sponsor someone else. Please click below to enter.