2018 Orbea Bike Raffle

Once again this year, the Millstone Trails Association held a raffle in partnership with Orbea and Vermont Bicycle Shop — and the prize was an Orbea Laufey H30. The drawing was held at our end of the year event.

About the prize bike:

The name isn’t the only upgrade to come to out of last year’s Orbea Loki. Now called the Orbea Laufey H30, this bike continues to strive to be everything that a “Plus Bike” should be. Our 3 inch tires get an upgrade to the Kenda Havok 27.5+ tires with an upgrade in the 1×11 shifting system to help maintain the widest possible compatibility of cassette options. Add on little improved stand over height all while dropping a pound and a half off the bike as well as bringing the price down by $200.00. This bike is what a well thought out hard tail should be. A slack enough head tube to challenge any Enduro trail as well as a responsive enough ride for those wanting something a little faster than the average plus bike. Proper 40mm wide rims create just enough cushion and traction that you might forget that you are on a hard tail. Designed and handmade in a part of Spain very similar to our own little corner of Vermont, this might be the perfect Millstone Trails bicycle. From rocks to roots and all the gravel roads in between, Millstone Trails has your exclusive chance to win one the most ideal Vermont mountain bikes. You can see it and buy your raffle ticket today at Vermont Bicycle Shop.